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domingo, 16 de febrero de 2014

Nuevos muñecos + Toy fair

New 2014 MH and EAH stuff by Rsac3 2 on Flickr.OMG!!!!! look the new MH pics an ther’s a Cedar Wood doll!!
Estos son los nuevos muñecos, los chicos me parecen horrorosos, Manny sobre todo, Invisibilly no esta mal. La chica bruja no me gusta nada, Wydonna e Iris me parecen muy bonitas y Cedar, que por fin la podemos ver en muñeca, me parece preciosa, de las mejores EAH para mi gusto. La Frankie del DVD es preciosa, seguro que en muñeca me encanta.

Ya ha comenzado la Toy Fair 2014...parece que veremos muchas cosas nuevas de Monster High 

Las Inner Monster...Son originales, pero dudo que quiera alguna. Estas muñecas, las cam, no es que me llamen mucho la atención.

¡Freaky Fusion! Cleolei (Fusión entre Cleo y Toralei) y Lagonafire (Fusión entre Lagoona y Jinafire). Cleolei me parece preciosa, me encanta...en cambio, Lagoonafire no me gusta nada nada...
Más Freaky Fusion, esta es Dracubecca (Fusión entre Draculaura y Robecca) La cara es algo...rara, sera que los pequeños "tornillos" que lleva Robecca en Draculaura no me gustan.

El chico que antes hemos visto, se llama Neighthan Rot...¿Os gusta? A mi no soy de coleccionar a los chicos.
-GRACIAS A ALBA- Fotos de Raye De Sol

lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

Finaliza el Comic Con

Hola monstruitos...el Comic Con...¡Ya ha acabado! ¿Os ha gustado? A mi si os soy sincera no me ha gustado mucho...

Estaban unas cuantas colecciones y accesorios y tal,  pero yo me voy a centrar en los muñecos que han ido desvelando.

Antes de nada, os quiero hablar de Jane, una muñeca nueva, hija de un chaman de la tribu, de un brujo. Se vio en el Comic Con, pero no estuvo con los seis personajes desvelados. Me parece una pena que no estuviese entre los muñecos desvelados, bueno, aquí la tenéis:
La verdad es que no se le dio mucho protagonismo.

Lo mismo ocurre con Webarella, tampoco se enseño mucho...

El primer día nos presentaban a las Sweet Scream, no me daban buena impresión, es mas, tenia claro que no me gustaban...pero al rato me fije en los detalles y me gustaron, bueno, me gusto Frankie...porque Draculaura me parece rara con ese vestido largo, con ese peinado, con esos ojos...

Al siguiente día, para decepción de los fans, enseñaron a Catty Noir la cual ya habiamos visto muchas verdad, yo me esperaba una muñeca nueva.  La pusieron porque Madison Beer estuvo firmando allí y bueno, como todos sabemos, ella es la que canta la canción de We Are Monster.... No digo que no me guste, ni mucho menos, me parece preciosa pero como ya la habiamos visto me decepcione un poco.

El dia 20...¡nuevas muñecas muy sorprendentes! Hablo de Clawdia Wolf (hermana mayor de Clawdeen) y de Honey Swamp (Hija de un director de cine)
Clawdia Wolf no me gustaba nada nada nada empezando por su color de pelo, que es demasiado amarillo. Su sonrisa me disgustaba un poco, aunque ahora la verdad me encanta. La ropa siempre me ha gustado, menos los zapatos...
Honey Swamp, me ha parecido muy chula, pero su pelo...¡ni me imagino como estará su pelo al sacarla de la caja! Pero aun así me gusta

Y ultimo día, día 21, presentaron a Slow Moe ¡me gusta mucho! si hubiese sido como en la serie no me hubiese gustado, pero asi si que me gusta. Tal vez si lo tuviese algún día, solo tal vez, le pondría el pelo como el de la serie. ¡Es terrorifico!

¿Que te ha gustado mas? ¿Te gustan las nuevas monstruitas Clawdia y Honey? Slow Moe es muy diferente a la serie...¿como os gusta mas? ¿en la serie o en muñeco? ¡Comenta con tus opiniones!

viernes, 19 de julio de 2013

Diario de Wydonna Spider

De WookiWorrior23

Diario escrito por:

Things will get sticky for you if you read my diary.
Jan. 7 
I find this time of night to be the most conducive to detailing the day’s events while taking care of a few extras at the same time.
[[If a zombie leaves the cemetery headed east shuffling at .2 mph and a shambling terror leaves its underground lair 5 miles away heads west at 1.5 mph how long will it take for the two of them to cross paths? Please show your work.]
Let’s see d=distance r=rate t=time and d=rt
(Distance Zombie)/.2t + (Distance Terror)/1.5t = 5 miles
51.5=3.34 hours or 3 hours & 20 minutes]
[Changes to Script
Yelps, Ghoulia
Sent: January 7th, 8:14pm
To: Spider Wydowna
Hi Wydowna, 
I have attached the current scripts with the changes we talked about. Unfortunately, we are limited in space so we will be unable to bring in the other super villain we were talking about. So for now we should just concentrate on Cat Tastrophe. Please let me know if the stories can be visually communicated in the allotted space.
Beast Regards,
{Did you get the designs I sent you?
{Yes, I’ll spin out some details for you in the morning!}
{Fangtastic! You’re the beast!} ]
On the one hand, the greatest advantages of multitasking are also the greatest impediments to leading a quiet life as there never seems to be a time when my hand are actually still. On the other hands I do love to stay busy so I guess in the end all the hands do even out.

Jan. 30

Now that I am finally a student at Monster High, although it feels like I’ve been here forever, I can relax and think about what almost never was. It wasn’t always a guarantee that I would actually be enrolled here. While I certainly had the grades and all the application were signed in sixplicate, there initially wasn’t any room for me. Headless Headmistress Bloodgood was most apologetic of course and she even sent us a very nice letter detailing the situation.
[Dear Wydowna, 
We have received and reviewed your application to be a student at Monster High. Your academic and extra-curricular records are outstanding and you seem to have accomplished the work of eight rather than merely one. However, at this time we simply do not have room for another student. At Monster High we believe that each student should be given a detailed education in every way, shape, and form. Anything less would detract from your experience here. I understand that this is not the news you were hoping to read, but if there is any consolation I can reveal to you that you are the first on the list for the next available opening in enrollment. I will continue to keep you apprised of the situation and will personally contact you when an opening becomes available. I would also like to extend an invitation for you and your family to attend the up coming Monster High open house weekend. We will pair you with student volunteers who have graciously agreed to be your guide through the fang-filled weekend here.

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood.]

It would be untrue if I said that I was not disappointed. I really had my heart set on enrolling that fall, but distance does give perspective and looking back I know it worked out for the best. I did attend the open house weekend and I had tree guides - Ghoulia Yelps, Clawdeen Wolf and Twyla. I initially was planning on staying in the hotel with my mom, but Ghoulia invited me to stay with her the first night where I found out that she was a huge comic book fan. Ghoulia showed me the fan comic she drew for NekroCon and I was impressed with her story and passion, although she admitted that her art was not where she wanted it to be. As an artist myself I asked if I could do some sketches for her and she was so happy with my concepts that she almost jumped for joy. Ghoulia then told me an idea she had for a super hero team built around a group of high school ghouls who used their secret powers to fight the forces of chaos. She already had the story outlines and asked if I would mind taking a spin at drawing an issue. Of course I said, “Yes!" and we began corresponding from that day forward on the project. It turned out that Ghoulia had made friends with the writer and artist of Dead Fast fame and they liked her stories and my art concepts so much they agreed to help us publish them. I don’t think Ghoulia’s parents were too happy until she told them that if she made any money it would go straight into her college fund.
The second day Clawdeen was my guide. She took me to the maul, a skultimate roller maze match and back to her house for a cookout. While we were there Clawdeen showed me some of her fashion sketches. I think Ghoulia must have told her I was an artist. Clawdeen’s designs were scary cool, but she was having some difficulties translation some of her more complicated designs to actual fabric. Her Home Ick teacher had given Clawdeen an old sewing machine after the school had replaced them with newer models, but the machine was a real beast to use. Fortunately, I had used this kind of machine before so I showed her a few tricks to tame it. I was trying not to be a “little his know-it-all." but Clawdeen started laughing and said, “You’re not going to hurt my feelings ghoul friend, show me what you’re got!" So I did and before you could say “haunt couture" we went from sketch to runway ready. So in addition to sketching comic book characters for Ghoulia I also started helping Clawdeen sew up some of her more complicated designs…all through correspondence. Like I said, I like to stay busy.
I spent the last day with Twyla who showed me all around the school and took me into the catacombs. Twyla is very shy and sweet and we spent most of our time together comparing stories about living in the shadows and all the misconception normies and even some monster have about us. So when I finally did receive a call from Headless Headmistress Bloodgood telling me that I’d been accepted I didn’t feel like I was going to be at loose ends entering a new school.

Feb. 7

Shoo was being particularly annoying today for some reason. Usually she just likes to sit on my shoulder while I’m working and watch, but tonight she was acting like she had something in her ointment. I was trying to look something up online and she kept banging into my screen and bouncing off my keyboard. I was like: “I can’t play with you now Shoo I’m busy." I even made a silk ball for her to play with since I know she loves to try and land on them without getting stuck. She totally ignored it and kept hopping up and down on my keyboard until I finally yelled, “What!" “What do you want?" Shoo then started flying up and bumping into my search bar so I clicked on it. The beginning with “H" she hopped from key to key until it spelled out Hornet Robberfly. As soon as I hit “enter," Shoo started doing loop the loops and buzzing around my head like she was a satellite in orbit. When the image finally came up Shoo stopped circling and just hovered in front of the screen. I think I actually heard her sigh. Could it be that my little Shoo has a crush… on a bad boy?

Mar. 5

I had an interesting conversation with Toralei today. Apparently she “found" a rough sketch of Cat Tastrophe I had done for Ghoulia of course, she conveniently forgot where she “found" it. “This is very hurtful and offensive," she said. “The eyes are too round, the ears are too short and the stripes don’t match, it barely look like me at all" I wasn’t sure what to say, Ghoulia said she wanted Cat Tastrophe to be a composite character because after all, no monster wants to be thought of as the villain. Well, almost no monster. “Look," she said. “I don’t mind being the bad guy as long as you don’t make me a lame bad guy, because that, my multi-limbed friend, would truly be a crime." I told her I would let Ghoulia know. “Oh and why don’t you take a picture of me now so you get my profile right." I did and then she was off, purring and laughing to herself. Type casting? I think not.

Apr. 2 

I had lunch today with Scarah Screams and Headless Headmistress Bloodgood. It was nice if not a bit strange, what with Scarah “talking" to us in our heads, which took a bit of getting used to; at least for me. Headmistress didn’t seem to be the least bit disoriented by communicating this way and was able to carry on a conversation mentally and verbally. It was really impressive. Some monsters like to think that Headless Headmistress Bloodgood is absent-minded and clueless, that she is just some librarian who took the job because no one else wanted it. I don’t think they have any idea who she really is. I suppose I didn’t either until mom invited some of the mothers over to our house for tea after we first arrived. Medusa, whom mom knows from way back, Mrs. Stein, Mrs. Wolf, Mrs. Yelps, and Operetta’s mom all showed up. I was helping mom out in the kitchen, so I got to hear some of the conversation they were having. Most of the tings they were talking about didn’t really catch my attention until they started talking about the founding of Monster High. Mrs. Stein said it almost didn’t happen because they couldn’t find a headmaster or mistress who thought it was even possible to have a school like Monster High. Bloodgood was the exception, but they almost didn’t hire her because she was so young and right out of school. She eventually won them over by her passion for the idea and her vision of what Monster High could become. I also learned that she’s fluent in 10 different monster languages including Ancient Werewolf, Gorgon, Troll and Dragon. I wasn’t thinking about any of those things while we were eating though, because what was really scurrying though my mind was the rumor that she had written a book of poetry sometime before she became the headmistress at MH. I was wondering if I could get Ghoulia to help me find it when I heard a voice in my head speaking perfectly accented Arachnean, “Don’t even think about it." I guess that means her language count really does go to 11.

miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

Bio de Catty Noir + Nuevo libro + Ropa de MH para adultos

Bio Catty Noir:


Libro: Whos that ghoulfriend? ¿Quien es esta monstruoamiga?

En el libro sale Wydonna:

Y por ultimo os informo de que en la tienda estadounidense Hot Topic van a vender ropa de MH para adultos...
Este es el 1º diseño que tiene de MH que ademas esta en la venta en la web

miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013

Wydonna Spider comic con y bañera de Draculaura reeditada, con muñeca.

Ya os avise de que Wydonna saldría en el comic con y bueno, como veis ha cambiado!! ya no es igual que antes y recibe el nombre de Webarella

Y también tenemos otra foto nueva que sale con mas ropa!!!!

Ahora os enseño la foto de la reedición de la bañera de dracu, con muñeca y todo!!!

miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013


                                       Grandes novedades.
Tengo muchas ganas de contároslas todas así que empecemos!!

Una fotos de Heath Burns y Abbey!!!

Que monos los dos 

La bio de Twyla, Scarah, Gigi, Heath y la Directora Decapitada!!!

-Foto gracias a: monstar stars
¿Quieres ver las bios?

Wydonna Spider en el prox. Comic Con

Además os puedo decir que Comic Con es del 18 al 21 de julio y que el 15 de mayo podremos ver la foto entera. 

Opinión personal de Catty Noir:
 Me encanta su vestido, me encanta completamente!!!